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Welcome to Grandmaster Flash PHOTO Booths

Add a photo booth to your event and see how quickly the fun begins. Photo booths are fast becoming the number one accessory to any gathering, whether it be a corporate summer or Christmas party, Wedding, product launch, birthday, anniversary or even a festival.

People of all ages can come together to have fun and enjoy a unique experience. With all pictures printed instantly there and then, there is no better way to capture the moment, and give guests a lasting memory of your celebrations to take home with them.

Offering both outdoor and indoor options to suit any event, we strongly believe that it's the more the merrier when it comes to getting snapped, so our booths are designed to allow for large groups as well as those cute coupley moments.

We pride ourselves on our value for money with some of the most affordable prices on the market, without compromising on quality or service.

About us

Harry and Carmel started Grandmaster Flash Booths in 2016, a young (ish) couple from the London area that have quit the day jobs to follow their dream.

“We are passionate about having fun with photography, and offering a creative and unique experience for our customers. We pride ourselves on having some very silly props and love seeing people having great time” - Carmel

“With the increasing popularity of social media, photography is more popular than ever before. What captured our interest in photo booths is not just sharing your digital copies, but the forgotten art of printing your moments to create a tangible memory. Whether you stick them on the fridge your mirror or desk at work, they can be enjoyed on a daily basis. Without having to wait an age to have them developed, everyone's a winner.” - Harry




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